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9/20/70 to 5/21/23


Melisa Chandler was a professional photographer based in Payson, Arizona with over 28 years experience photographing people, places, and events throughout the US Southwest.

She combined years of on-location and studio photography experience with extensive knowledge of lighting and exposure techniques - including professional post-production skills at the keyboard - to produce truly exceptional photographic works with a style all her own. Her works were featured on magazine covers, book covers, and online/print media throughout the US Southwest.

Melisa passed away on May 21, 2023 from pancreatic cancer.  She is survived by her children, Chase Chandler (son) and Dylan Chandler (daughter), and her husband Tim.


She touched so many lives, and photographed thousands of families and hundreds of weddings during her career. Words cannot express how she will be missed.​

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Tel: 949-636-2267

10729 N Houston Mesa Rd.

Payson, Arizona 85541


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