Senior Picture Ideas

Senior Picture Ideas

Back to school means it’s time to figure out what to do for senior pictures, and unique senior picture ideas are sometimes hard to find.

One of the reasons I like outdoor, on-location photography is it offers so many options and expresses so much about an individual.   See someone on a beach, and you know it means something to them to have sand between their toes.  A rustic park setting may mean ‘down to earth’ or easy going.  Some people chose city walls and graffiti or train stations to show off an artistic flair or their desire to travel.  But how to choose!?

The most creative ideas I’ve seen aren’t my ideas, they come via conversation and collaboration with YOU.

Unique Senior Photo by Melisa Chandler Photography 2012

Talk to Me.  Tell me about yourself – who you are, what you’ve done, and where you’re going.   I’ve been shooting photos for so long I can help with ideas that’ll fit the right environment to your personality.  It won’t cost you a dime to brainstorm with me, or if you have something in mind we can help guide you to making your idea reality.

Unique Senior Photos by Melisa Chandler PhotographySenior Photos by Melisa Chandler, San Clemente Photographer


And remember, creativity doesn’t stop with the picture itself.  It extends to the format and layouts and materials chosen for each unique print.  We offer the option to pair your portrait and the setting we’ve used with new materials like metal prints, or take a single print and break it out into a collage wall presentation.  We can offer options for sure – and we know it means so much when you’re talking about documenting a milestone that couldn’t come soon enough, yet you want to remember and have around for a lifetime!

I hope you’ll give us a shot.  We have worked with the same high quality labs for years and guarantee our prints for a lifetime. We can help guide you through the options, and as usual – we’ll offer professional portraits, affordable prices, and low pressure sales assistance you can trust.

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